The resources on this page are to do with developing vocabulary, grammar, concepts and word finding abilities – for speaking and writing. They can be used with children with special needs including those who have specific needs such as Autism Spectrum Disorder or Specific Language/Learning Difficulties and those who have more general learning difficulties. The resources also have been found to help children who have English as an additional language.

The focus is on spoken language as it has been found that children with special needs learning better with oral/visual activities before extending to the written word. The carryover activities include generalising spoken language skills into creative writing.

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The Words Store – Learning words and remembering them

Getting Going with Language

The Grammar Pack

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The Words Store
is new resource based on Wendy's research and practice with children who have language difficulties including word-finding. Building upon the research of the linguist, David Crystal, Wendy found that children are able to understand and remember words more effectively if they are taught in category sets including the category word – it’s the inclusion of the category or ‘all about’ word that she found makes all the difference when it come to remembering and word finding – for speaking and writing.

The Words Store consists of a puppet, Peter Pockets, (he keeps his words in his pockets), an electronic manual including game activities, word sets/networks and an option to buy sets of fun, printable colour pictures (cut-outs), supplied electronically as PDFs, with a school/service license so that you can print as many of the pictures as you need for your own use. Alternatively you can buy the puppet with manual and games, using your own pictures and photographs.

The puppet has seven brightly coloured pockets (each one is a different colour of the rainbow) used in a particular way to help children remember each word set. The use of pockets adds to the fun – the children love to see what’s inside each coloured one – simple but effective! The game activities then add a further fun, interactive dimension. Peter Pockets himself is very soft – the fabric has a velvety feel that schools say is calming and encouraging. Peter has been modelled on the popular friendly monster characters used in the Social Use of Language Programme (SULP) and appeals to both boys and girls.

The adjacent slideshow shows Peter Pockets and some picture examples; things we do - everyday verbs, weather words (from the early years/ young infant files), and senses (from the Primary files). There are two copies of each page (you get both copies), one of which contains pictures only - the other has written words on the pictures.

The Words Store can be used as a resource in itself or with the schemes Getting Going With Language (early years to infants) and Get It & Get It Across (when using with primary aged children).

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Getting Going with Language (GGL) is a scheme for children with delayed language development and also for children who speak another language and are coming across English for the first time. I have included activities and picture material to appeal to all ages so I hope that the scheme will benefit many children – from those who are very young with developmental language delay or EAL to those who are older who may be at the earliest stages of language development with additional learning difficulties or complex needs. Guidance for involving families is also included. The scheme comprises:
  • A manual

  • Two A4 pictures books in colour (approximately 500 pictures)

  •  Two talking picture discs on which the characters speak and
     you can create a basic animation on some pages as you click from one picture to the next.

The framework is as follows:-

         Stage 1: Listening and watching.

         Stage 2: Single Words.

         Stage 3: Word combinations.

At each stage there are lists of fun game activities – at stages 2 and 3 these focus on comprehension before use.

The scheme can be used by speech therapists, educational psychologists and teachers in mainstream nursery and primary schools (reception and year 1) or in special schools across the age range.

GGL can be bought separately or it can be purchased in a set with the Grammar Pack (please see below).

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The Grammar Pack is also suitable for Primary school children with developmental
language delay and/or children with English as an additional language.
The scheme comprises.

  • A manual, includes games and pictures to ‘up the fun’ of
    learning   about grammar. Includes focus games called
    Watch-Listen-Think-Interact (WLTI) that are useful for children
    who have difficulties concentrating.

  • A story book. The stories are presented as ‘picture plays’ in a cartoon style where the characters (human and fictional) speak to each other. The pictures are black and white line drawings.

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The framework is as follows:

Stage 1: Grammatical elements include plural; possessive; negative;     auxiliary verbs (is, are, has etc); prepositions and tense. Each grammatical element has a cartoon character associated with it to help children remember and to make learning more enjoyable.

Stage 2: Sentence level and beyond. Includes ways of combining sentences; passive and active; asking and telling.

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