Talking with Tabards

Talking with Tabards is a new scheme to develop children’s understanding and use of

1 Social communication skills such as eye contact, listening, turn taking/talking turns.
2 Vocabulary and word finding
3 Grammatical markers (e.g plural, possessive, negative, auxiliary verbs ‘is’/ ‘are’)

Each tabard is of a different character who is associated with a skill in a picture sequence, for example, Listening Lizzie, Timmy and Tommy Taking Turns, Peter Pockets (the vocabulary character - he keeps his words in his pockets) Issie Is, Not the Newt. They are made with soft felt, furry or shiny/sparkly noses and the children can lift their mouth flaps to show when they are talking (Lizzie’s ears and Luke’s eyes can also be manipulated). They comply with EN71 safety standards and are suitable for children aged 3 and above.

The picture sequences are electronic so can be shown enlarged on a screen and are sold with a school or caseload license so that they can be printed where needed. The pictures are shown to the children first so that they can understand how the skill helps them to communicate with family and friends. The children then act out the sequence first wearing the tabards; in this way the character helps them to use the skill for themselves. Staff can then wear the tabards to remind the children of the skills in other class and day-to-day activities.

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