Social Use of Language Programme - Youth Justice (SULP-YJ) is suitable for young offenders and youngsters who may be at risk of offending. Age range: approximately 11years to young adult. The programme has been developed as a short course comprising 15 sessions; it moves at quite a pace and is therefore not suitable for young offenders who have learning difficulties unless they are mild or specific, as in the case of Dyslexia. Students with learning difficulties or specific social difficulties including ASD are likely to need the main secondary school/ college programme (click secondary school + college on the SULP dropdown menu at the top of the page for information about this).

The SULP-YJ 2016 edition includes picture plays in colour with pictures additionally on DVD. The 2016 SULP-YJ Assessment includes record sheets.
SULP-YJ focuses in particular on the communication skills that enable us to deal more effectively with more challenging social situations, for example, to stand up for yourself appropriately in situations you feel are unfair to you; to say ‘no’ to people you like, or find intimidating, if they ask you to do something you know is wrong; to understand about constructive criticism and be able to tell the difference between helpful criticism and put-down behaviour; to handle disagreements effectively without losing your cool; to monitor the effects of your behaviour so that you can see whether you are making a good impression and make changes if necessary. Parts of SULP-YJ also focus on thinking styles, in particular, helping young people to think more flexibly and to appreciate different view-points.
SULP-YJ incorporates the SULP principles that have been proven to be effective with mainstream learners and with young people who have difficulties with social communication and social behaviour. It is a sixteen session course - although it may be shortened according to the time available and guidance is included for this. It can be used with students individually or in groups and comprises:
  • A questionnaire assessment and a pack of 50 assessment sheets
  • Session plans and activity descriptions including games, sketches and ‘takeaways’
  • Colour Picture plays and illustrated texts to accompany each session
  • Course evaluation guidance
  • Pictures additionally on DVD so that you can show them enlarged where needed. The captions on the DVD are left blank so that the student can focus on the pictures whilst the play is being read.

Complete Set Price: £310 (includes delivery)

A pack of 50 assessment record sheets is included with the complete set but you can buy more if needed at £79 per pack





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