SULP Introduction



Social Use of Language Programme (SULP) was the first specialist teaching programme to be published in the UK combining Social Communication, Self-Other Awareness and Social Behaviour, back in the early nineties. Since this time Wendy has updated and extended the programme to incorporate the latest techniques while retaining the principles that have proven effective for many pupils as shown in a number of independent research projects (please see the testimonials page for a summary).  (SULP) is a cohesive framework within which to develop interpersonal and social abilities from a communication and thinking skills perspective. Within this framework, it provides a series of multisensory activities sequences designed to appeal to different age groups and needs as follows:

Pre-school & Reception

Infants (4-7 years)

Juniors (8-12 years)

Secondary school and college students (12 years onwards)

Children and teenagers with Significant learning difficulties

Family and Friends

Books for Playgroups, Nurseries & Childminders

Mainstream classes

Talking with Tabards


Click on the above titles to find out more more information and prices. To make sure you get the version of SULP that best suits your pupils please email to book a call with the author. As specialist materials, printed to order, Wendy’s schemes of work are not returnable or refundable so please make use of this service!.

SULP is a researched programme that has proven to be effective with children and young people with a range of special needs including autism, specific language difficulties, learning difficulties, sensory impairments and emotional difficulties. It has been also been used effectively with mainstream pupils. If you would like a free reference list please email:    

If you would like guidance on which version of the programme would be most beneficial to your pupils you can arrange to speak with the author by emailing

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