As language develops, children begin to realise that sometimes they need to go beyond what is said or written to work out what is meant. They may need to consider the language or situational context - or their own general knowledge - to come up with the intended meaning. Some children develop these skills naturally but others struggle with spoken and reading comprehension activities that require them to make inference.

Based on Wendy's doctoral research and developed through practice, Into Inference will help you to teach these skills through fun, multi-sensory activity sequences. It is suitable for class groups as a foundation for English in primary (from around 7 years onwards), junior and secondary schools. You can also use Into Inference with individual children or small groups.

The focus of the Into Inference activities is on the spoken word; this is important because pupils with special needs usually learn better with an oral/visual presentation that can then be extended to the written word. Some of the activities additionally include reading comprehension.

Three types of inference are focused upon:

            -   Dual Messages
            -   Multiple meanings
            -   Assumed knowledge

Into Inference incorporates:

  • An introductory chapter including illustrative examples, an overview of the research in the field and implementation ideas.

  • Activity sequences

  • An appendix of cartoon pictures in colour.

You can buy Into Inference on its own or as part of the Pragmatic Bookset (IDI, Into Inference and Language Choices).

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Total pages: approx. 180
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