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Colours go Crazy

Preparation: You will need a set of coloured pens or colour swatches if you are working with younger children to act as memory aids. Older children should be able to remember their colours but if you don’t think they will you can include colour pens/swatches for them too.Older students may also enjoy thinking of an alliterative adjective to go with their colour e.g raving red, yummy yellow etc.

Doing the activity: The activity leader calls out two colours and whoever has chosen those colours jump across the circle and change places. When the leader call ‘Colours go Crazy’ everyone jumps into the middle of the circle and change places.

The Sniffy Game

Preparation: You will need some beakers/bottles of strong smelling liquids/foods, e.g strong black coffee, perfume, bath crème/liquid soap, air freshener/diffuser, orange segments, sliced banana. You will need a blindfold if the children have difficulty closing their eyes or are tempted to peek!
Doing the activity: Each pupil takes a turn to identify what’s in a beaker/bottle by smell.


Preparation: You will need two copies of pictures/photographs for the words in your chosen category. You can use this game to review vocabulary covered previously, e.g body parts, plant parts, reptiles, common materials etc Cover one of each picture/photo pair with self-stick notes and place the other on the table so the child can see it.

Doing the activity: T
he activity leader starts by showing the photos and says the category word, for example, this is about the human body – parts of the human body. See here on these photos there are different parts of the body – leg, arm, neck, feet, chest, hand. The activity leader then takes off the self-stick ....

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