All the resources on this website are written and illustrated by Wendy Rinaldi, PhD (Educational Psychology and Special Educational Needs). Wendy has many years experience working with children and teenagers with special needs and her books are backed by this level of expertise and understanding. Her current research is on Inference.

Most of Wendy's published work underwent several years of evaluation before coming to publication and much has been independently researched in dissertations, government funded projects and published studies. Please email for testimonials and research evidence. Wendy's best known work is probably Social Use of Language Programme, fondly know as SULP! It is proven effective by a number of independent research studies and is used by many schools and health departments. Its effectiveness in the main comes about because it develops social understanding - this enables meaningful use and is key to pupils' wellbeing. Just something to watch out for is that you may come across social media mentioning SULP resources that are actually not Wendy's and not underpinned by the principles for effectiveness nor backed by the research evidence. This is very misleading and difficult to monitor on the web - so please be aware that the only way of accessing the genuine SULP is from this website.

In addition to SULP, on this website you will find specialist resources for inference, organisational language/coherence, vocabulary development and conceptual understanding that are compatible with UK governments' national guidelines. The recent electronic versions and online support has additionally facilitated the use of Wendy's resources overseas and she now supplies schools and health clinics in Australia, New Zealand and Dubai.

Most of Wendy's resources cover a wide ability range so they can be used with pupils who have moderate to severe learning needs, with more able pupils who have specific learning/communication needs and also with pupils who don't have special needs as such but whose learning improves with the language and communication-based, metacognitive approaches that underpin all of Wendy's work and make it so effective. Most schools say that although they purchased Wendy's programmes initially for particular children with SEN, they have ended up using them with most pupils in the school.

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